Discover Your Dream Home

As a local area expert Real Estate Agent, it is my job to work on your behalf and advocate for your interests. In most cases, sellers have a real estate agent working for them so you want someone on your side who has your back in negotiations and can help you understand the complex lingo in contracts, for example. In additon that to that, here are a few more examples of what you can count on when working with me to discover your dream home!

  • Find homes that match your budget and needs. Property search sites give you a sampling of what’s available, but you’ll have to research whether asking prices are justified based on comparable home sales in the area. Through me, you will be better prepared & educated.
  • Dig up facts on a neighborhood, including ones that a seller might not disclose that could be important to you.
  • Negotiate an offer, including the price and other clauses and contingencies in the purchase agreement.
  • Navigate the home inspection, and negotiate repairs or credits with the seller.
  • Decipher paperwork that could be filled with complex jargon and terms you may have not totally understand.
  • Request and review seller disclosures.
  • and so much more!

So put the experts eye on your home search! You’ll receive personalized matches of results delivered direct to you. I’ll take into account your goals, criteria and preferences to find properties that are exactly what you were always dreaming of. Simply fill out the form below…

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